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2 thoughts on “Why I Hate Best Buy

  1. Chris says:

    A Letter to Whoeverthehellcares at Best Buy

    To Whom It May Concern (if there is such a person)

    I walked into your Store in Webster, Texas on February 14th to look at computers for my family. The salesman was really helpful in helping me select two computers, and it was priced (after rebate) just a little less than Comp USA. I wish that was the end of it.
    Now I am being told that my purchase (on which I expected $600 in rebates, or $300 per computer) is only qualified for “one rebate per household.” Gee, I bought two computers, does anyone at Best Buy have half a brain to figure that a guy buying two computers is expecting two rebates? I went in to talk to a store manager today, and he told me that “Best Buy is not entirely responsible for the misunderstanding.” He went on to tell me that I should have known about the policy. Well, I never made it a practice to know about Best Buy’s policies… I figured (wrongly) that your staff would inform me. He gave me a $75 gift card to make up for the $300 of cash that I am losing because your salesperson led me to believe that I would get rebates on both my purchases. I’ll use that to get stuff that I need, like paper, and I’ll use my rewards card to add to that stuff. Then, I will never shop at Best Buy (Wrong Buy) again for the rest of my life, nor will my family (we spent $7,000 there in 2004 and just recently another $2,800) … and I will “Tell a lot of Friends” about my experience. I am also going to add my comments to every consumer website I can find. The $300 won’t hurt me, but it’s the last $300 you will ever get from me or anyone in my circle of influence EVER AGAIN. Funny timing, though, I was watching Mad Money on CNBC last night and the host was talking about how Costco is coming on strong in the electronics retail market, and how they are going after some of best buy’s business… So now I have somewhere to spend my 3 to 7 thousand dollars a year in electronics & business supplies that I used to spend at best buy. Hum, I wonder how much my friends are going spend at Costco? If they spend a dollar it will be more then they spend at best buy.
    Good by.

  2. Stumax says:

    Preach it, brother! Amen!

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