Stumax 2

Digital Boogaloo

  1. Post to my WordPress blogs on (for personal stuff) or (for IA stuff). Make sure to select the Micro Posts category.
  2. Those posts automatically cross-post to
  3. Those posts automatically cross-post to Twitter
Here are the problems:
In Step One, it’s not that easy to post to a WordPress blog, especially on a mobile device. I want to just tap out a quick post, but I have to set the category and post type, which adds a bit of friction. And if I include an image, there are additional steps to make sure that posts properly (and it doesn’t always work on the first go.) MarsEdit does make this easier, but there’s still more overhead than I’d like. #

  1. All posts start on
  2. Automatically cross-post to my WordPress blog via this WP plugin (and abandon the idea of keeping two separate blogs for all my content)
  3. Automatically cross-post to Twitter if I choose to (using the new selective cross-post feature in the iOS app)
This feels better. But am I missing something? In the m.b Slack, Mark Hughes pointed out that there’s some overhead with this approach if you want to set categories, tags, or post type for the posts you’re bringing in to your WP blog. Which, yeah… I want to have that stuff. #

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