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A bit of mental spittle:
While I can understand the fear that kept the Haitian revolution from being widely reported 200 years ago, I can not understand why we should have any reason to fear this history today. I do think that we in the United States have a bit of insecurity about our place in the world. After all, representative democracy was a grand experiment when the US was founded. We have jealously guarded our place in the world since. We have fought to undermine or destroy socialist and communist regimes, especially close to home. We still boycott Cuba, the lone communist holdout in our hemisphere. Yet, who could make a serious claim these days that recognition of the Cuban government might encourage communism to take root elsewhere? When the American system has proven to be so powerful as an economic and political force and communism has been so thoroughly tarnished as a means of government, why would we have the slightest fear that anyone would chose another form? And if other countries did choose another form of government, why should we care as long as it works for them and human rights are generally protected? Why does it matter? We are like the reformed alcoholic or the born-again Christian who wants to convert everybody to our cause, whether they desire it or not, and whether it’s good for them or not. #