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Will Alsop, 70: British architect’s ‘flying tabletop’ changed Toronto | The Star.

Though often dismissed as lacking seriousness, especially by other architects, [Alsop] took the view that all aspects of life should be informed by the pleasure principle. If people aren’t engaged by a building, they tend to ignore or avoid it when possible.

What would it be like if information architecture brought a similar kind of pleasure to online experiences? As IAs, we’re often constrained by the need to be efficient and practical. But what would a truly delightful IA project look like? Would our designs be more engaging if they displayed a bit of (usable) whimsey?

Much better opening period for the Lightning. They had jump, they were winning puck battles, and they were shooting the puck. They’re not dominating the Caps by any means, but they’ve definitely established their game. And they got a couple of lucky breaks, which never hurts. ?