Stumax 2

Digital Boogaloo

  • I’m currently blogging at the Seattle Podcasting Network. I’ve like the stuff this group is doing. Our monthly meetings are fun and lively, and I think we’re building a great resource at
  • I’m also on the planning committee for Seattle Mind Camp, a twice-yearly gathering of geeks. I’m going to be blogging at, as well as helping to get our ducks in a row in time for our April 29th event.
  • My wife and I have also been working to get Seattle Real Estate Talk going again after a few-month hiatus. There’s not much on there now, but we’re working with some new folks to get a regular roster of content to post, both podcasts and text posts. One bit of learning from that venture has been about the energy commitment in the early part of a project. It’s like having a full time job, which would be easy if we didn’t already have full time jobs.
  • I spend whatever spare minutes I have maintaining The Louverture Project. The wiki has really grown by leaps and bounds lately, thanks to some energetic contributors.
  • I’ve also got another project in the works that I hope to be able to announce soon.
I’m busy. #