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2 thoughts on “Gnomedex: Rough Quote

  1. mcdtracy says:

    OK… but what if you had to actually read the 1 million comments attached to Ford’s Corp blog post?

    Doesn’t the statement assume a lot about our ability to integrate 1 million statements into some sort of meaningful information? Does that happen auto-magically now? What does Kansas want?


  2. Stumax says:

    I think it’s that you don’t have to read a million of them. You get to read a few and start to get some perspective that isn’t crafted polished by Ford’s marketing department.

    Hell, we do that anyway. We talk to our neighbors about their experiences with their cars and their doctors and their real estate agents and whatnot. I don’t know if Asa’s suggestion is better or worse. I think it’s just about having more options.

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