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Andrew Cline at Rhetorica writes: Last week I began to notice the assertion "everything changed on 9/11"--especially as preceded by the ad populum fallacy "everyone knows."... I noticed it because in each case my interlocutor wished to frame his/her remarks in a new reality that supposedly proved his/her conclusions, e.g. "Everyone knows that everything changed on 9/11, so we had to invade Iraq to fight terrorism."... The events of that day shifted our understanding of the world in certain fundamental ways, but 9/11 most certainly did not "change everything."... 9/11 did not change the essential character of American society or make us any less a democratic republic.

Damn. I just caught Barack Obama’s speech from yesterday (you can watch it here; Windows Real Media seems to be a more reliable feed).... Seriously. Let’s hope this guy is the future of the Democratic party, ‘cause he’s damn good.