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Digital Boogaloo

I think we’re a long way from living in a mature world of computer and network technology, much less really understanding it.... My long-term goal would be to have original source material for every aspect of the period I’m studying available online - a one-stop-shop, if you will, for people interested in this historical event.... (I think this has always been true, yet the methods we’ve had to deliver content - books, radio, television, and so on - have mostly been filtered through the narrow perspective of one person or one organization.... Group-reviewed, dynamically updatable resources will be available We are in the midst of a mini-revolution in which computers move from being separate machines with discreet installations of data and programs (analogs of our personal experience) to “network appliances” connecting us to a world where applications data, and experience reside on the network.
Here are just a couple of random things that jumped out at m And I do tend to think that, given the upsurge of the religious right over the last couple of decades, these are the last spasms of those dinosaur organisms.... And that any attempt to turn the clock back to a mythical, simpler, or better age would probably be about as effective as Britain’s ancient King Canute, who famously sat on his throne along the tide line and ordered the waves to go back.... But I think we may be approaching the point at which the amount of information we are taking becomes exponential, and I’m not entirely certain what kind of human culture will exist beyond that point. Except it will happen sooner than we expect, and the difference between us and the kind of people that will exist after such an event will be vastly different than the difference between us and the hunter-gatherer society we’ve evolved from.