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Viva Amiga

January 22, 2017

As much as I love my Mac, I still miss my Amiga 3000. This documentary is a trip down memory lane, a fond and wistful look back at the amazing creative tool that was the Amiga.

While I was searching for how to fix my missing Dropbox contextual menus yesterday, I came across these handy links: If you're a Path Finder 6 user, Thanh Pham has figured out how to make an Automator service that will let you share a public Dropbox link from Path Finder's contextual menu. More often than…
I discovered yesterday that my Dropbox contextual menus had disappeared. I have no idea when it happened. It might have been when I installed Mavericks... that's how little I use that feature. But when I need it, it's damned useful. It took me about an hour of poking around the Dropbox forums (which were no…
I think we’re a long way from living in a mature world of computer and network technology, much less really understanding it.... My long-term goal would be to have original source material for every aspect of the period I’m studying available online - a one-stop-shop, if you will, for people interested in this historical event.... (I think this has always been true, yet the methods we’ve had to deliver content - books, radio, television, and so on - have mostly been filtered through the narrow perspective of one person or one organization.... Group-reviewed, dynamically updatable resources will be available We are in the midst of a mini-revolution in which computers move from being separate machines with discreet installations of data and programs (analogs of our personal experience) to “network appliances” connecting us to a world where applications data, and experience reside on the network.