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He adopted us. We came around the side of our apartment building on Alki one early summer evening to find him on the walkway. He jumped three feet off the ground when I reached out to touch him, but he didn’t run. He followed us up the stairs and stopped at the doorway, watching us…
Harlan Ellison was a powerful, virtuosic writer with razor sharp clarity and wit. As an adolescent, I couldn’t help but find that attractive. At some point his books stopped speaking to me in the same way, but I never forgot how they affected me. RIP, Harlan, and thanks. [gallery link="file" ids=""]
?Theory of Bastards, by Audrey Schulman. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? A book that’s hard to explain. Part love story, part science explainer, part character study, with a pinch of sci-if thrown in. So well written; a book that has stayed with me well after the last page. [gallery link="file" ids=""]
A large fire ripped through the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland overnight Friday, officials said Saturday morning, causing extensive damage to a building considered the jewel in the city’s architectural crown. It was the second time in four years that a blaze has hit the world-famous building, which was under restoration and was set…
That feeling when you’re absolutely certain that the modem died because you power cycled it and it was completely dead and you spent 24 hours without Internet and then the tech shows up and it turns out the modem was unplugged at the wall and you never checked that. Good times. [gallery link="file" ids=""]