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Last week I began to notice the assertion “everything changed on 9/11”–especially as preceded by the ad populum fallacy “everyone knows.” I say “began to notice” because up until last week I have not encountered many situations in which someone actually spoke this assertion to me. I was certainly aware of it otherwise. #

This has been much on my mind lately, too. As Nels wrote in the comments to Dr. Cline’s post, 9/11 gave us a glimpse of our vulnerability in one sudden, shocking, collective experience. The events of that day shifted our understanding of the world in certain fundamental ways, but 9/11 most certainly did not “change everything.” #

One thought on “9/11 Didn’t Change Everything

  1. 9/11 Didn’t Change Everything


    Here are a few things 9/11 didn’t change, just off the top of my head: it didn’t change our Constitution, our laws, our history, or our traditions. It didn’t change our need for access to healthcare, good jobs, and a strong economy. It did…

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